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MIDI Custom Shop

Custom MIDI and audio hardware

What can we do for you?

We are a small group of passionate people. At MIDI Custom Shop we are dedicated to doing our job right. We deliver our clients the solutions they desire. We are fully cooperative at every stage of the creation process and provide extensive support for what you've paid for.

Our main goal is to provide you with the exact solution you need - we won't offer you settling for less or tell you something is impossible. It can be difficult and challenging, it may require a bit more commitment from both you and us, but it is never impossible, especially not in today's pro-audio industry. For more detailed information, visit the How to work with us section.

We specialise in custom MIDI controllers, that's our main thing. But we also have very extensive knowledge on most audio-related hardware. If you have an idea floating around in your head and don't know how to bite it, why don't you go ahead and ask us?

We are focused not only on custom hardware. We love turning our ideas into reality as much as we love turning yours - we create our own products, which we manufacture under the AmpTone Lab brand. Check it out - www.amptonelab.com.

MIDI Custom Shop
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