Our projects

Below you can see some of the interesting projects we've been involved in.

  • XY MIDIpad - Kaoss Pad MIDI controller for guitar
    XY MIDIpad

    XY MIDIpad is a touch screen MIDI controller for guitar. It is manufactured under the AmpTone Lab brand. We suggest using XY MIDIpad with KORG Kaoss Pad (2 or 3), DigiTech Whammy 4 and synthesizers to get the best of it. Not only it works great, but also looks very cool - the LED beneath the XY pad flashes in every colour!

  • XY MIDIpad mini - XY pad MIDI controller for guitar
    XY MIDIpad mini

    XY MIDIpad mini (from AmpTone Lab) is a miniature version of XY MIDIpad. It has the same capabilities as its bigger brother, including the full-colour RGB LED and sends the same MIDI data. The smaller size makes it perfect for smaller guitars, such as strat type guitars, which don't have much space behind the bridge.

  • MIDI Strip - touch strip MIDI controller for guitar
    MIDI Strip

    MIDI Strip is another MIDI controller designed to be installed in guitar from the AmpTone Lab MIDI controllers family. As opposed to the XY series, it does not feature an XY pad to send MIDI data but instead it utilises very accurate resistive strip which makes it perfect to perform precise parameter adjustments.

  • MIDI Splitter - portable 4-out MIDI thru box
    MIDI Splitter

    MIDI Splitter is an AmpTone Lab's must-have for every musician using MIDI technology. MIDI Splitter is a simple yet very reliable and effective 1-in 4-out MIDI thru box. The key feature is that it can be powered by a battery or a standard AC/DC adapter, which means you are no longer tied to your wall-wart power supply.

  • PASS (Professional Audio Switcher System) - MIDI programmable audio switcher
    PASS (audio switcher)

    We helped Tribe Technologie develop their amazing PASS system - an advanced MIDI programmable audio switcher with 24 loops and 6 channels (both of which can be expanded). Our contribution to the project was programming the whole system, developing a computer application and providing technical support.

  • X32 Light Switcher - external module for Behringer X32 series
    X32 Light Switcher

    X32 Light Switcher is an external module for Behringer's digital X32 consoles family. We've built it for a radio station which uses the X32 consoles. Main task of this module is to turn the ON AIR lights on and off when the radio presenters' channels are being opened or closed on the X32 console.