How to work with us

Want us to build you something? Here's some useful info.

Working with MIDI Custom Shop

Every device is different and so is every order. Usually, however, our working methods are very similar.


Every project always starts with our client getting in touch with us. At this stage client specifies what he needs - the more details are provided, the sooner we can get to work.

Discussing important aspects

After the initial contact, we try to ask very specific questions and point out possible difficulties with the project. Being experienced on this field allows to quickly forsee most possible problems that may occur at each development stage.

Pricing and realisation time

At this stage we usually know all the important details. Our client is informed about the cost, payment details and estimated realisation time. From that moment we are sending to the client periodic messages regarding on the project development stage.


This is the actual creation process. What we do at this stage depends on the project specification. Designing, programming, manufacturing, customising - it all happens here. Client is informed on every milestone (important event). At this point it may be necessary to consult some details regarding the final product.


At this stage the project is finalized. It is possible to make some minor cosmetic changes. If necessary, client is provided with project documentation or manual.


After client's acceptance, the project can be shipped. Client is provided with a long-term support and can contact us any time.

Forms of realisation

Each project can be built in one of the following forms. Project form is one of the key factors of the final quote.

  • Complete product. You are going to receive a complete, ready to work product. This includes a professional printed circuit board and a completely custom-made enclosure. Enclosure can be made of plastic, metal or wood. Your product can also be packed inside a rack enclosure.

  • Complete electronics. This option does not include an enclosure or includes one of the universal enclosures. A universal enclosure can be drilled by us or we can leave that to you.

  • Kit. You are going to receive a package of unassembled or partially unassembled components. Universal enclosure may be included as a part of the kit. Assembly instructions are included. If the project requires a microcontroller, you may receive a preprogrammed microcontroller or a detailed instruction on how to program one.

  • Project. We will provide you with complete documentation and information on how to build the device yourself. This includes: schematics, PCB desgin, microprocessor program, bill of materials, assembly instructions and know-how.

Realisation time

Project realisation time depends on its complexity, parts availability and the enclosure. The most basic projects can be done even the same day we receive your order (assuming we have all needed parts and your project does not involve manufacturing anything custom, including PCB and enclosure). When building an advanced system, we always inform our client on the estimated realisation time.


Wherever you are located, we will ship your order to you. We can use a standard international prioirty mail or use a logistics company, such as EMS, UPS or DHL.


Every custom order is priced individually. Basic projects in their simplest from can start from around EUR 40 plus expenses (shipping, PCB, electronic components etc.). We always try to provide a final quote as soon as possible, which is usually after agreeing on all important project details.

Payment methods

We accept PayPal payments and direct money transfer to our bank account. When using PayPal, you can pay using your credit card or PayPal account.


We can issue a VAT invoice on client's request. We are registered as a European Union VAT payer. If you are a registered EU VAT payer too, we can issue 0% VAT invoice for you. If you are located outside European Union, we will not charge you with VAT, because export VAT is 0%. If you are located in European Union but you are not registered as a European Union VAT payer, your order will be subject to Polish VAT (23%).