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Here is some information on what we do...

Custom MIDI and audio harware

We create custom pro-audio devices

MIDI cables

Custom MIDI controllers

MIDI controllers are our speciality. We can build you any controller you want. It can be a controller for your favourite synth, VST plugin or a complex system controlling your live rig or studio. We can use a variety of components to make your controller as useful as possible.

The components we use include buttons (plastic, metal, with LED), sensors, touch screens, rotary encoders, faders (standard and motorized), touch strips, LCD screens (text and graphic), joysticks, sliders, proximity sensors, LEDs, force-sensing resistors, potentiometers and many more. Basically anything that will make your user experience better.

We are very flexible with our working methods. Usually we build controllers based on client's layout (drawing or a description). If you want a controller dedicated to your favourite plugin, we can try to copy its user interface for a better feeling. Sometimes we suggest including different components or functionality.

Custom-made PCB

MIDI decoders and converters

If you want a device receiving MIDI messages (from MIDI or USB cable) and doing something with it, MIDI Custom Shop is the right place to go for you.

MIDI messages can be converted to anything - they can move faders, switch relays, change the signal path, make your LEDs blink... They can also be converted to other MIDI messages and modified, scaled, mapped to different values or reversed.

Custom guitar effects

If you have a very specific tone in your head but you just can't get it with standard pedals sitting in your pedalboard or you are not happy with what the market has to offer, it may make sense to have a custom pedal made specifically for you. Distortion, flanger, chorus, fuzz, delay, digital, analog - you name it. We can also combine various effect units (existing or custom-made) into one stompbox to save you same pedalboard space.

Hardware modifications and extensions

We can add new features to your hardware. This includes direct modifications on the circuit board, such as adding or removing components to make it sound better or different or to force the device to act differently than it does now.

Soldering a PCB

Some devices can gain more features by using external extension modules. Some of the manufacturers allow the extension modules (for example by using the OSC protocol) and some of them don't - the latter requires us to do some hacking.

Computer software

Software is everywhere. Almost every device we make has a small piece of code inside. But we can also make computer programs. Of course we will not make you another Cubase, Massive or AmpliTube, but we can extend the functionality of your hardware project with computer apps. These software extensions may include managing your presets, updating or modifying firmware, transferring data, creating backups, changing settings and preferences etc.


OSC (Open Sound Control) is a communication protocol for pro-audio hardware and software. It can be considered a MIDI alternative. OSC, however, is faster, much more advanced and flexible and it's really cool what you can do with it. It is unlikely to ever be more popular than MIDI, but it is becoming increasingly popular and is supported by a wide range of developers. Read the Wikipedia article to find out more about OSC.

Cooperation and support

At MIDI Custom Shop, we don't work only with musicians. We also cooperate with companies and engineers to help them create a final product. We can be involved on every development stage - designing, programming, manufacturing etc.

So... What do we do?

Everything involving music and electronics or programming.

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