Professional Audio Switcher System.


Highly advanced audio switcher

PASS is a project we've done for Tribe Technologie, a Canadian company manufacturing custom hand-made hardware for musicians. PASS is an advanced, fully configurable and expandable audio switcher. It allows its user to program custom audio signal flow and change it with one press of a button or MIDI message


By default, PASS is equipped with 24 loops and 6 channels. It can be easily expanded up to 72 loops and 18 channels with additional units.

Each loop can be set to latching mode (on or off) or momentary mode (0.5 seconds on, then off). Every loop and channel can be switched on and off separately using the internal or external controller, with each loop and channel assigned to different MIDI CC message.

Every preset can have a name assigned which is displayed on the LCD. Presets can be changed using the internal controller or external MIDI controller (Program Change messages). Device can be set to respond to messages on specific MIDI channel or all MIDI channels (OMNI). PASS also has MIDI THRU port on the back panel.

Presets and settings are stored on a specially formatted SD card. The SD card can be changed to access more presets.

Every modification can be done using the internal controller (buttons and rotary encoder), including changing preset names. There is also an Editor application allowing user to change everything on the computer after inserting the SD card.

What was our involvement?

The whole idea belongs to Tribe Technologie. They had a complete vision of how it all should work. We did the microcontroller programming and the electronics connected with it. Tribe Technologie built everything around it and put it in the beautiful, solid enclosure.

We also created the Tribe Technologie SD Editor application for computer - useful tool to perform modifications very quickly.

Need more information? Want to buy one?

Contact Tribe Technologie for more information.

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