XY MIDIpad mini

Miniature XY MIDI controller for guitar.

XY MIDIpad mini

Miniature touch screen MIDI controller for guitar

XY MIDIpad mini is a MIDI controller for guitar. It is manufactured by us under our AmpTone Lab brand. It's a smaller version of XY MIDIpad and is great for smaller guitars (such as strat). Just like XY MIDIpad, XY MIDIpad mini was designed mostly for KORG Kaoss Pad 2, KORG Kaoss Pad 3, DigiTech Whammy 4 and synths. The controller kit includes touch screen, on-off switch, button, rotary encoder and MIDI socket.


Being a miniature XY MIDIpad version, XY MIDIpad mini transmits the same MIDI messages: CC12, CC13, CC92 (channel 1 - Kaoss Pad 2, Kaoss Pad 3), CC11, CC10, CC0 (channel 2 - Whammy 4), NoteOn/NoteOff messages within the C#3-C4 range (channel 3 - synth) and ProgramChange messages on all channels. You can also control any other device or plugin if it can be programmed to respond to these messages, for example using MIDI Learn function.

To send MIDI CC or NoteOn/NoteOff messages, the user has to slide his finger or guitar pick on the XY pad. Changing the MIDI channel (or mode) happens by pressing the rotary encoder. To send ProgramChange message, the user needs to rotate the encoder. In order to remember the current XY pad position, the user needs to press the hold button.


To install XY MIDIpad mini, it is necessary to create few cavities in the guitar body. Therefore, it is recommended to have professional luthier install it. After doing some milling, all the components need to be connected to the XY MIDIpad mini microcontroller.


Our XY controllers were designed with Kaoss Pad in mind. We wanted to give user a feeling very similar to the KORG's Kaoss devices. Because of this, XY MIDIpad mini will be a fantastic Kaoss Pad 2 or 3 controller. User can use some cool KP effects on his guitar sound and modify the parameters while playing or even play Kaoss Pad's drums directly from the guitar.

XY MIDIpad mini can also be used as a Whammy controller. The user can easily change the harmony or pitch-shift while playing. Programs can be changed directly from the guitar, so everything can be done without even coming close to the Whammy unit.

XY MIDIpad mini can serve as a useful synth controller as well. Just trigger a MIDI note from the XY pad and play along to it on your guitar.

XY MIDIpad mini can control any other MIDI device, as long as it responds to its MIDI messages. Many devices can be connected to XY MIDIpad mini simultaneously - user can switch between them by changing the channel/mode. To connect more than one device, it is a good idea to use our MIDI Splitter.

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