XY MIDI controller for guitar.


Touch screen MIDI controller for guitar

XY MIDIpad is a MIDI controller manufactured by us under our AmpTone Lab brand. It is manufactured in the form of easy to assemble kit. It needs to be installed inside the electric guitar body. It was design to control KORG Kaoss Pad 2, KORG Kaoss Pad 3, DigiTech Whammy 4 and any MIDI synth. XY MIDIpad kit includes microcontroller, button with LED, rotary encoder, MIDI socket, touch screen and on-off switch.


XY MIDIpad transmits the following MIDI messages: CC12, CC13, CC92 (channel 1 - Kaoss Pad 2, Kaoss Pad 3), CC11, CC10, CC0 (channel 2 - Whammy 4), NoteOn/NoteOff messages within the C#3-C4 range (channel 3 - synth) and ProgramChange messages on all channels. Although the MIDI messages have been programmed with the aforementioned devices in mind, using MIDI Learn on your favourite plugins will allow XY MIDIpad to control them as well.

Sliding finger (or guitar pick) on the touch screen causes XY MIDIpad to send CC messages or NoteOn/NoteOff messages (depending on the chosen channel). Pressing the rotary encoder changes the MIDI channel (mode), whereas rotating it sends ProgramChange messages on the chosen channel. Hold button allows to freeze to current touch screen position. When hold mode is switched on, the LED surrounding the button light up.


Installation needs to be performed by a luthier as it requires significant amount of woodworking. Once the cavities are milled, setting up the XY MIDIpad is easy. All the components' wires need to be connected to the microcontroller and XY MIDIpad is ready to work.


XY MIDIpad works great as a Kaoss Pad controller. By using the rotary encoder, the user can set KP into one of the cool synth programs and play the guitar to it. It is also great to use one of the drum programs and play along to it.

XY MIDIpad is a useful Whammy controller too. Setting Whammy to, for example, one or two octaves up or down program gives much more possibilities while playing - octave jumps have never been so easy.

Another good idea is to use XY MIDIpad with some cool sounding ambient synth on your computer. This is always good addition to soloing on your guitar, especially while playing some mellow melodies.

Of course the possibilities don't end there - XY MIDIpad is still a fully functional MIDI controller and you can assign it to any device, control your delay, distortion, volume or even stage lighting. Thanks to the MIDI Splitter you can control all of them at the same time. And, very importantly, it looks cool on the guitar!

Check out a smaller version of XY MIDIpad - XY MIDIpad mini.

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